Lobby Track 6 Visitor Management Software

Published: 20th January 2012
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Lobby Track 6 - Visitor Management Software Systems Integration

Lobby Track 6 - Visitor Management Software was specifically designed so that it can be easily integrated with a customer's network and data environment. The open-data architecture allows users to use any open-database source to store visitor records: MS SQL, Oracle, MS Access and MySQL are most common. Lobby Track will integrate with LDAP or Active Directory for host look up as well as with mail servers to automatically send email notifications. To check visitors against watch lists, Lobby Track integrates with any ODBC data source or online list subscription to check for sex offenders, criminals or other security threats.

Lobby Track 6 - Visitor Management Software Editions

The Lobby Track 6 - Visitor Management Software is anchored around the Lobby Track software which comes in many different editions to ensure the best combination of price and features for each customer.

Business Editions

The business editions include the Small Business, Corporate, Enterprise, Access Control, Scan Station, and Report Station. The Scan and Report Station Editions are used in combination with another license and allow users who just want to view reports on a different computer a more feasible option than buying an additional full license.

School Editions

The editions for schools have been optimized for use in the educational system. Available are School Visitor, School Tardy, School Complete, Scan Station, and Report Station editions.

Event Editions

Event editions give the option of term or perpetual licenses, depending on how long the client needs them for. The event editions are Event Limited, Event Limited Scan, Event Unlimited, Scan Station, and Report Station editions.

Lobby Track 6 - Visitor Management Software Usage

A top priority at Jolly Technologies is making software that is powerful, yet as easy to use as possible. With Visitor Management Software, it is even more critical as the average user at the front desk has limited familiarity with advanced software products. Lobby Track hides the complexity from the end-user, making day-to-day tasks simple and straight-forward. Each task, including visitor registration, check in and out and visitor record look-up is step-by-step wizard process with easy to understand instructions.

Another feature that makes Lobby Track 6 - Visitor Management Software very easy to use is the customizable data entry form. Customize the visitor record fields that are shown during registration and when a record is displayed. Position record fields using drag-and-drop tools, automatically format data, create drop-down lists and more.

Lobby Track 6 - Visitor Management Software will run in either of two modes, standard attended mode or kiosk mode. In kiosk mode, Lobby Track occupies the entire screen and prevents users from changing applications, hiding the task bar and menu bars. The large buttons and optional on-screen keyboard make it the perfect choice for touch-screen kiosks.

Lobby Track 6 - Visitor Management Software Customers

Jolly serves thousands of respected, leading organizations in fields as diverse as aerospace, pharmaceuticals, imaging systems, transportation, healthcare, education, general manufacturing, and business services. Jolly is an international company and has 12,000 customers in over 120 countries. Companies everywhere enjoy the advantages of Lobby Track 6 - Visitor Management Software. SP Newsprint says, "Lobby Track is easy to use and the interface with our existing hardware and software is flawless. The ability to register visitors and have them check themselves in has allowed us to dramatically reduce our manpower costs for security personnel." Other notable Lobby Track customers include Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Emerson, US Coast Guard, and Yum! Brands.

Lobby Track 6 - Visitor Management Software Technology Partners

Lobby Track 6 - Visitor Management Software is integrated with Lenel, AMAG, Brivo and other access control systems to allow organizations to selectively provide access cards at the front desk. Lobby Track is integrated with Evolis, Fargo Zebra, Nisca, DIS, Magicard and other ID card printers for printing and encoding functions. Lobby Track has built in support for Card Scanning Solutions ScanShell 800, ScanShell 1000 and SnapShell driver's license, passport and business card scanners. Lobby Track Management Software has built in camera support for Canon EOS Rebel SLR flash cameras and Logitech Web cameras. It also supports Topaz signature and fingerprint pads, Opticon handheld scanners and most barcode readers.

Lobby Track 6 - Visitor Management Software Overview

Lobby Track 6 - Visitor Management Software allows you to register and badge visitors quickly and easily. Scan a driver's license, passport or business card to create a visitor record. Look up host information and send them automatic email notifications. Print a visitor pass and log the visit. Lobby Track's reporting tool provides detailed information on each visitor's history and overall traffic patterns.

Lobby Track 6 - Visitor Management Software Applications

As one of the most versatile products on the market, the Lobby Track 6 - Visitor Management Software can be used in a variety of applications. Use Lobby Track to register and track visitors and issue badges and access cards, or use it in schools to track students' attendance and tardies. Lobby Track also works for events. Badge and track tens to thousands of attendees fast and hassle-free. With its customizable logs, Lobby Track can track entry and exit to monitor facility occupancy. It can also be used in gyms and other members-only facilities to manage member privileges.

Lobby Track 6 - Visitor Management Software Advantages

When compared against the competition, Lobby Track 6 - Visitor Management Software has several key advantages. Lobby Track's open data architecture allows the visitor data to be stored in any open database such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access or other ODBC compliant databases. This also allows Lobby Track 6 - Visitor Management Software to interface and share information with existing human resource and access control systems such as SAP, Lenel, AMAG and others.

Lobby Track 6 - Visitor Management Software is also extremely configurable when compared to other Visitor Management Software. Nearly every step in the visitor registration, check in / out and record look-up tasks can be customized. Use pre-defined or create custom logs, reports and charts. Print paper badges or plastic ID cards. Run in attended or kiosk mode.

Lobby Track 6 Visitor Management Software

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